lunes, 14 de julio de 2008

July 25th, 8pm,at the former “Azomalli” Gallery (A. Gurrion #110, next to Sto. Domingo)
Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca.
This project has been created by three artistic destruction troops: LA PIZTOLA, ZZIERRARREZZIA, and ZAPE. These three agitators will release their most recent visual strategy, consisting in the use of conventional media, and also developing the concept of ¨STRUGGLE¨ on different materials and substrates. (screen-printing)
Traces of the confrontation with this gallery will be shown, ¨Keeping a cool mind and an overflown heart¨/ ¨Manteniendo la mente fría y el corazón desbordado. (Intervention art and graffiti in the three rooms).
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